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Belief in Redemption
Yes, I still believe
in everything we could be.
Take me back again.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 8 4
watching you
watching her.
on your own,
you have destroyed us all.
what have you done again?
you have forgotten your mind,
wrapped up in madness.
we reside in our heads.
thoughts control our sadness.
who did you come for?
what have you reclaimed?
the destruction you created
knows what you have done.
this game you long to play
will only destroy you as well.
and everything you expect to gain
will only strangle you to your own defeat.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 14 9
Downtown Street by elextrified Downtown Street :iconelextrified:elextrified 4 3
Forgive This
We were never
two conjoined souls.
We were never
two interfused bodies.
We were never anything.
There was nothing in-between.
Forgive this.
Forgive these words.
Forgive me.
I am afraid I will make the same mistakes,
so I hide from everything that I love,
so I hide from everyone I care about.
I act as if we had nothing,
as if we were nothing,
as if you never held me
closer than we were.
We were two conjoined souls,
two interfused bodies.
To stop hiding, it is a long-forgotten dream.
To forgive myself,
forgiven I will be.
Though not today, but sometime soon.
Just today, I ask of you,
to forgive these words,
these thoughts,
these actions.
Convince me there is something in-between.
Forgive this.
Forgive me.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 20 9
Notice the Sky
We are such irrelevant specks
in this gigantic, fascinating universe.
And when I think about it,
these anxieties are meaningless,
a waste of thought.
These worries are just
little figments of overthinking and
these fears will be
overlapped eventually.
Regret is just being unable to move on
and my pondering is
too often non-conclusive.
The star-speckled sky
looks down at me,
shining its beauty for me to ponder
and I wonder
if it was made just for us.
For our enjoyment,
for our amazement.
Because all we are is
irrelevant creatures
obsessed with ourselves.
We don't notice the sky for its beauty.
We are all, too often,
consumed by reality.
And as much as
I don't admit it,
I am so thankful
to be alive
under this
star-speckled sky.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 22 15
I want to change.
Why is it not that easy?
I cannot live like this.
I cannot live choking on my promises.
All these thoughts corner me, questioning me.
I am unable to run away.
An abundance of fear paralyzes me,
residing inside my mind.
When did I become like this?
The desire to escape only intensifies.
Why don't I change the way I want to change?
If you led me away in front of all my sorrow,
I wonder what I would see.
And what if I could face all those people
whom I ran away from?
What would I say?
I cannot escape these thoughts,
these questions.
They corner me and lock me up in this rusted
cage, waiting for me to go insane,
because even they know,
I cannot change.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 14 6
A Natural Disaster
There are storms inside of me
as I am made of tornadoes
and consumed by hurricanes.
Lightning has created my veins,
thunder is in control of my mind
and you are in every other inch of me.
My insides are tearing me apart.
I am crashing back down
to my former self
from events of my own causing.
Because all I ever create is destruction
and the only one I ever blame is you.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 17 10
Finding the way to prepare my mind,
I am stuck on this wheel of time
that passes me by.
Courage has abandoned me.
Arrogance has imprisoned me.
No security, as I become engulfed
in my wasted years
as I wait for the coming hour
to pass me by as well.
I take a glance at some memories
but I am too focused on salvation.
Salvation far away from these
deteriorating walls.
As I am without tranquility,
I face what is beside me,
I face what is with me.
Though all I see is emptiness.
There is nothing surrounding me.
There is nothing but
my selfishness and I
stuck on this wheel of time
that only passes us by.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 15 11
Flew Away
My whole life, my imagination has been in control of me.
Back when I was young, I only ever thought of you.
I had no control,
I was never really free.
Selfishness got its way with me.
Until a mistake was made,
nothing could have been saved.
I remember what we used to be,
what we used to think,
and now, it does not surprise me.
Still, I find myself going back
to those silly memories
that now do not mean a thing, my love,
not to you at least.
My imagination goes wild again
and I think of some time that no longer exists.
You held me in your arms
and vandalized me with a kiss.
I exclaimed that sparks had coloured the sky.
But now, I have grown up, flown away,
and I can safely say goodbye.
My imagination still exists,
though I now let myself forgive.
I have let you, my love, escape.
I can face reality
and you cannot question me.
I have finally let myself escape too
and now, my love, I do not exist merely for you.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 15 12
Wry Laughs
Images of you flash across my mind.
you always seem to reappear without actually being here.
I cannot come to terms with the fact
that you are back.
I find myself running,
leaping into your embrace.
My mind is blurring
as your smile is the center of focus,
as your eyes light up the sky in the middle of the night.
Old names.
Wry laughs.
You are not yourself
but you are still laughing, still glowing.
It seems like you are still laughing.
Talk about missing each other.
Whispers about the embrace.
You will never know
how much I waited,
how much I wanted.
But you still let out a wry laugh
just as you did back then.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 18 9
Extinguished Love
We were at the edge of nothing,
A love in the hands of unkindness.
Glances of fear between regretful actions.
But still, the extinguished love
Continues to forgive.
I continue to be unable to move on.
Fear continuously holding us back,
From actions that we did not think twice about.
And the sheets of unkindness rest as rumpled as they
Were that night
When the extinguished love forgave for the first time.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 15 7
Last Day

Promises and mistakes, they are all the same.
Gestures and smiles, just to be betrayed.
Yes, we made a promise to meet up again.
But I have decided to stop my heart from being broken.
And I swear this pain cannot be taken.
So I run away from the promises and the mistakes.
There you go, searching for me.
There you go, running to be free.
Here I go, crying to be found,
As I am surrounded by havoc all around.
Kicking myself, for running away
From you and the mistakes I wanted to make.
Your patience and your kindness come seeking,
Screaming my name.
You find me in a dark corner, slowly breaking.
I say I am afraid.
But you have no words, no anger,
Just gentleness spread across your smile.
You take my hand in yours,
As if you haven't seen me in a while.
Your lips tell me to come,
Your eyes yearn for us to go.
Perfection all around,
But inside, I still say no.
Metaphorical dreams coming true.
Please don't tell me I am falling for you.
Joking words and ambit
:iconelextrified:elextrified 18 9
There is a dream stuck inside of my head
That I do not remember having.
The journey for which I long
Seems like it's disseminating.
I am stuck in this bubble of doubt
As his words envelope me in wonder
And his fidgeting makes me want to scream.
These sounds from when I was young still linger
As I am hiding from my worries.
Gentle smiles.
Unrecognizable dreams.
Twisted realities.
Why am I confined in my own doubt?
Why do the corners of his lips strike me with wonderment?
Why does this lengthy journey make me yearn for it so greatly?
I cannot forget this dream.
I cannot forget his smile.
I want to forget this doubt.
Let me forget this doubt.
His words still linger and drown me in wonder.
I am still hiding from this journey.
The wonderment has deceased
And I find myself yearning for this reality.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 15 10
Those Eyes As Dark As Mine
There is too much noise within all of these thoughts.
There are too many actions with whom I have fought.
I have found words consumed in those eyes,
those eyes were as dark as my soul.
I proclaimed that I had found my purpose,
though I still have no clear goal.
Kicking and screaming,
fighting and crying,
have I mentioned that I am slowly dying?
I beg the feelings to never come back, but
they always do.
The vanish with my heart and take these
emotions with them too.
So I tell them to go ahead and steal my soul,
as dark as those eyes but lighter than the past.
Darker than the future, where I am the last.
Turn me around so that I can finally face
those eyes as dark as mine.
I will look into them
to see the consumed words
and notice that neither of us is fine.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 12 10
1:31 a.m.
Listening to Breaking Benjamin.
Here I go again,
Spiraling away into another deep depression.
Tell me why I'm here again.
Too many memories and too many dreams
Have been shattered into countless pieces beneath me.
Crawling and devastated, I escape into the silence.
I break through my own walls,
I am enveloped in my anger and captivated by sadness.
I all too well recognize these feelings
Because again, I find myself with a frown I keep shielding.
Quarter past 10 a.m.
And here I go again,
Digging my nails deep into my skin.
Thinking about the way they see me,
Not who I am within.
I continuously fight the frustration
And never take anything head-on.
I constantly have trouble apologizing
To everything already gone.
I cannot find the motivation to
Rewrite everything written here,
Or to do what they want, actions trapped by fear.
It is 12:58 a.m.
I will say it again
To every voice I hear within.
I am digging my nails deep into my skin
And spiraling away into another deep depression
:iconelextrified:elextrified 16 33
Can you imagine
A world where my mistakes do not repeat themselves?
I am falling,
Over and over,
A continuous cycle
Of mistakes and mistakes and mistakes
That will only repeat themselves, all because
I refuse to change.
Do I refuse to change?
I imagine
A world where I can change.
My mistakes do not control me,
And my mind does not destroy me.
I am tripping over my imagination,
Over and over,
This is a continuous cycle
Of mistakes that control me,
All because I refuse to change.
I imagine
A world where I stop falling,
My mistakes stop controlling me,
I stop tripping,
My mind stops destroying me,
A world where I can change.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 15 9


Am I?
Is my blood maybe green?
Are my eyes purple?
Are they always wide open?
Is my hair maybe blue?
Does frozen air come out of my mouth?
Do I maybe speak static noise?
Yes, I do.
:iconhalleyambers:HalleyAmbers 4 7
Maybe flowers
Is all I can get
:iconhalleyambers:HalleyAmbers 2 0
Alongside anticipation
I do not hurt
Believe me
Of life
Or death?
I exist in two bodies
And a leaping soul
Farewell my good will
I forgot my sanity
I forgot my name
But my sins are pure.
:iconalene-writer:Alene-Writer 7 8
I wish
I wish I was different
A different body
And a pretty dress
A different name
And not such a mess
I wish my voice would call
For those who beautifully fall
I wish my soul could come up to my mouth
And show itself to everyone around
I wish I was the representation
Of what represents my endless damnation
I wish I could maybe finally fall
because If I didn't really accomplish my goal
The only way I'd go
Is down the rabbit hole
I wish at least it didn't hurt so much
And all it did was touch my heart
I wish I wasn't so delusional
I wish I didn't wish so much
Because once you wish you never make it back
It only brings you back to your thoughts
And it only makes it worse
I wish this night wouldn't make me so sad
I wish I didn't write poems
And be what I wish for instead
:iconhalleyambers:HalleyAmbers 11 18
happy muslim women's day! by ainsdrawings happy muslim women's day! :iconainsdrawings:ainsdrawings 4 0
~ xx ~ Tagged ~ xx ~
Yeah so I was tagged by an amazing :iconelextrified: :D
Let's start ~
1. What is your favorite thing to draw/write about?
Anything that has a strong emotion hidden behind my words, usually it's heartbreak and power from within, like "oh i'm the best and that's all that matters, bow down bitch" lmao :D :D
2. What’s your favorite TV show or Movie?
The list is endless..Supernatural, Grimm, OUAT, Reign, Riverdale, Sherlock, Suits, Vikings, Stranger Things, Dexter, Daredevil, Arrow, Don't Trust the Bitch in Ap.23........
3. Do you like video games?
Sure, when I'm in the mood I can play the whole day long lmao
4. What inspired you to start drawing/writing?
uhhh..I don't remember haha I'm always writing something, been doing that forever, that habit just stuck haha
5. Favorite Season?
Spring and Autumn ~
6. What’s the one thing you are happy to be ashamed to love?
Haha well I like to mix rice and mashed potatoes and eat that hahah
7. De
:iconfrostedqueen:FrostedQueen 2 0
tagged by elextrified
1. What is your favorite thing to draw/write about?
this is funny, because what i mostly write about is love, but i really enjoy writing about literally anything but.
2. What’s your favorite TV show or Movie?
my favorite show on television is Sherlock, but my favorite show period is Stranger Things. my favorite movie is Get Out.
3. Do you like video games?
4. What inspired you to start drawing/writing?
honestly, i dunno. my older sister has always been into writing, so i guess i kind of picked it up from her. i've never even been good at it until lately, but i'm glad years and years of scribbling random thoughts on paper has finally paid off.
5. Favorite Season?
summer, if i have to choose, but i don't really have a favorite season. i do have a favorite month though (spoiler alert: it's Ramadan)
6. What’s the one thing you are happy to be ashamed to love?
one thing? um, i guess makeup. even though i dont wear any, i'm always watching tutorials an
:iconwepushedangels:WePushedAngels 1 1
Howl print Wip by FUNKYMONKEY1945 Howl print Wip :iconfunkymonkey1945:FUNKYMONKEY1945 525 12
Blessing of the Heavens
Angels glide through the heavens
Messengers of the sun
Under their second-hand light
Even heathens like me
Can feel free
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 2 1
Hello all!
I'm finally glad to say that I am feeling better. I want to take the time to thank everyone who offered support over the weekend. It's people like you that have made DA a second family for me. :heart:
And now, I have a tag to do from :iconFrozen-Sol:!
1. What is your favorite thing to draw/write?
My Hellfire characters! I like writing their story as well as light-hearted side stories. It's been my literary passion for four years now. :meow:
2. What’s your favorite TV show or Movie?
Oh god, I can't pick. Higurashi is great, so is RWBY, and Ed Edd n' Eddy, and Justice League, and Azumanga Daioh, and Samurai Jack, and I think you get the picture. :P
3. Do you like video games?
Donkey Kong Country all the way! :la:
4. What inspired you to start drawing?
Lots of my friends do it. :3
5. Favorite Season?
Fall. The leaves are pretty, temperatures are cool and rain feels nice. -w-
6. What’s the one thing yo
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 6 27
Time is just an illusion by DamaiMikaz Time is just an illusion :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,649 120 The afterglow by DamaiMikaz The afterglow :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,227 172 Meh Lord [Head] by 3ikal Meh Lord [Head] :icon3ikal:3ikal 20 8
Hey guys! I bet you'd enjoy this:

The first ten people to comment on this journal: I will put your avatar and the three deviations I like most in your gallery on a list. 
If you comment, you HAVE to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me on the first spot of the feature list.

Pretty simple! 
1. elextrified - :iconelextrified: This deviant is by far one of the most talented people on this website. Her emotions shine through her poems, and I find myself usually drawn to her darker ones, because she's very good at forcing her reader to relate to her. Good poets can bare their soul for you to see; great poets make you drown in it.

2. glasses-and-blades - :iconglasses-and-blades: This deviant is incredibly skilled with both short free verse and haiku. The absolute emotion that comes from these is incredible, and always feels genuine. Check her stuff out - you won
:icontearslikenapalm:TearsLikeNapalm 1 5
COM: Luisa Bride by BerrySplash COM: Luisa Bride :iconberrysplash:BerrySplash 29 5 COM: Ann Enchantix by BerrySplash COM: Ann Enchantix :iconberrysplash:BerrySplash 18 3



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♥ Hi guys, thank you for visiting! ♥
Pianist | Poet | INFJ | Dreamer

I enjoy:
•video editing
•music of all sorts
•a good cup of coffee

Thank you for all the support you guys, I wouldn't be here without you :hug:

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Hola people! I am bored and decided to do this tagging thing. I'll tag five or six peeps and add my own question at the bottom.

Stolen from the fabulous :iconshining-scribe: xD

1. What is your favorite thing to draw/write about?
Mostly I just draw random Winx OCs or doodle eyes/stars everywhere. In terms or writing which I do more often,
I write about more emotional things I guess, however, nature is a lovely topic to write about :D

2. What’s your favorite TV show or Movie?
WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS?! Omg so difficult. I mostly just watch kids cartoons with my sister (we're losers) and I love anime♥

3. Do you like video games?
To be completely honest I absolutely suck at them but I like them for the most part, depends on which one I'm playing :P

4. What inspired you to start drawing/writing?
Hmm, good question. A couple years back, I didn't really have a way of expressing my frustrated/ angry emotions other than piano and 
I started keeping a notebook and wrote some honest thoughts and stuff, which eventually transitioned into poetry and song lyrics over time

5. Favorite Season?
Don't be too shocked, but it's Winter and I don't mind Autumn either. I just really don't like the warm weather, it's not my favourite thing.\

6. What’s the one thing you are happy to be ashamed to love?
Uhhhhh there are many things, but I'm not really ashamed to say I am absolutely obsessed with the sport of cricket♥
Also, I am ashamed to say I love CW's Riverdale, mostly because I am obsessed with Archie Comics :D

7. Describe your best friend
Hmm my best friend has got to be my little sister. She's absolutely insane and is the only one who knows the insane part of me.
I can fangirl about weird things with her and she's just a great, kind, caring and genuine human being. Man, I love that kid.

8. Do you like shoes or are you more a barefoot person?
I absolutely love this question because I am definitely more a barefoot person. If I could go my whole life without shoes or socks I totally would.

9. Showers or baths?
Showers for sure. Idk baths are weird to me

10. Favorite food?
If you've read my previous journal entries you'll know I absolutely LOVE SOUPPPP!!! Obsessed. Also, rice is a must in life.

11. Your favorite thing about being an artist?
Expression and passion are two things that you can create that other people can look at and relate to and I think that is absolutely beautiful.

12. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I actually got accepted into college for Business Administration - Marketing, so I'm fairly excited for that. I'd like to work as a Creative Director, which is the job title I'm going for.

13. Procrastinator or get-er-done?
Hm, I'd say I'm both - hate falling behind but at the same time I'm so lazy. But hey, a couple years ago I used to be a HUGE procrastinator, so I've definitely come a long way since then ;)

14. (My Question) What are your top five most-listened-to songs right now?
1. Coming True by Guards
 2. Bridges by Broods
 3. Collide by James Bay
 4. World On Fire by Les Friction
 5. Give Me A Love by Sixx:A.M

Do this tag if you wish, folks~ 
:iconam-media-arts: :iconaojohanna: :iconcandyzombielord: :iconwepushedangels: :iconfrostedqueen: :iconfaewning:


Yes, I still believe
in everything we could be.
Take me back again.
289 deviations
watching you
watching her.
on your own,
you have destroyed us all.
what have you done again?
you have forgotten your mind,
wrapped up in madness.

we reside in our heads.
thoughts control our sadness.

who did you come for?
what have you reclaimed?

the destruction you created
knows what you have done.
this game you long to play
will only destroy you as well.

and everything you expect to gain
will only strangle you to your own defeat.


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